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Mandalay Palace Complex / Fort Dufferin
This symbolic royal palace is one of the main reasons why many tourists travel to Mandalay despite its scantling heat. It’s a golden city within a city. The palace wall is hard to miss if you are in Mandalay, and surrounded by a huge moat. “The Glass Palace” by Amitav Ghosh, truthfully describes what had happened here at this last royal palace of the Burmese monarchy; British soldiers storming in with their guns, looting and burning this palace, forcing the last King Thibaw and Queen into exile in India after winning the 3rd Anglo-Burmese War. It’s hard to believe this magnificent palace lasted merely 30 years after being first built by King Mindon (Thibaw’s father). British then turned the palace compound into Fort Dufferin, named after the then- viceroy of India. Much of the palace compound was tragically destroyed during WWII by allied bombing. A near-exact replica of the palace was rebuilt in the 1990s. It costs US$ 10 to get into this castle to have a look.
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