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Gold Leaf Workshop
Pretty much all of the gold leaf applied to Buddha images by devotees in Myanmar comes from a small area of Mandalay. There are about fifty gold leaf workshops, many of them based in homes, in the blocks around 36th Street, just east of the railway line. It is possible to watch the hammerers at work an discover the process of turning a 12g piece of gold into hundreds of sheets, each just 0.0003mm thick. The shops sell gold leaf and a few other souvenirs, but there?s no pressure to buy.
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Mogok is a city in the Mandalay Region of Myanmar, located 200km north of Mandalay and 148km north-east of Shwe Bo. It is also known as the Land of Gems. Mogok Ruby is a renowned gem in the world.
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Moustache Brothers
It is a mixture of satire, burlesque and dance show by the Moustache Brothers and their family. In a small shop set with plastic chairs and a small stage, the show that is presented is part comedy routine, part dance and part political. Much of the comedy was dated and the dances were average but the political comments were interesting in that it showed just how far the country has come from the days when it would have been unheard of to criticize the government. The dancers were a family group and it is good to see that they are trying to keep some of the history of the country alive.
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Stone Carvers Road
Mandalay is full of craft businesses and many of them are still operating very traditionally. This unique place is along the Sagaing-Mandalay road where skilled stone craftsmen chip and polish slabs of marble into the most delicate Buddha statues of different sizes. And templates or sketches of any kind are used very rarely there. The whole area is full of white dust from the marble slab so bring your face mask along with you.
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