Shopping Markets in mandalay

The Jade Market (Mahar Aung Myay)
Burma under British colonial time was famous for three things; pagodas, teak and jade. Make no mistake Myanmar jade is the best in the world. This huge Jade Market in central Mandalay showcases perfectly why it is so. Dozens of vendors are selling their jade in various stages and grades of presentation. Not frequently visited by tourists, it generally serves as a local source of the product. As always, there were “mobile” vendors, with little gem boxes of ruby and emerald speciments, in the rough, cab and facet cut. There is no issue at all with failure to purchase their goodies. Entrance fee is less tha US$ 1.
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Zeigyo Central Market
It is the trade hub of Upper Myanmar, where you can get everything that is Burmese and other exports. The variety is mind-blogging, ranging from sections of clothes, spcies to modern electronics. And they are cheap too. If you need a sweater for cooler northern Myanmar or a summer wear for southern part, this is the one for shopping. Bring your camera. This place is full of photo taking opportunities.
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