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Bargaya Monastery
It is located inthe old city of Ava, or Inwa as it is now known. This ancient teak wood monastery is one of the highlights in Ava. Magnificent in its weather aged appearance and decorated with beautiful carvings, this is an ideal place to give your busy soul a peaceful rest
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Kuthodaw Paya
It's known for being home to the world?s largest book and the entire script of Tripitaka Theravada, the most sacrosanct script in Buddhism. Kuthodaw Paya was built during the late 1800?s by King Mingon and is a location situated at the bottom of the Mandalay Hill. The whole compound is covered with white pagodas, star-flower trees and their Jasmine-like fragrance. In the cool shade under these trees, the sight of children picking the flowers to make star flower chains for the Buddha or to wear in their hair is a truly peaceful and beautiful.
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Miguin Temple
You can take to boat to here, or hire taxi to here , it's about one and a half hour from Mandalay to Mingun , don't forget to see the most biggest bell in the world, it's just 5 minutes walk from Mingun Pagoda and White temple where Myanmar people called it "Tajmahal" because it's about love cemetery as same as Tajmahal in India
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Shwenandaw Kyaung (Teak Temple)
It is one of the most unique eye-catching of all the monasteries/temples in South East Asia. This intricately teak-crafted world heritage site was first built to serve as the royal apartments for King Mindon, but later converted into a Buddhist Monastery. Why? The then-ruler, King Thibaw transformed this building into a monastery, believing it to be haunted by his father, King Mindon’s spirit. Due to its removal and rebuilding on a new site in late 18th century as a monastery, it was the only building to have remained intact during the raid of Mandalay in WWII. 100 years-old teak-carvings, depicting past life stories of the Buddha were chiseled in the panels which adorn the inside and outside of the main building. No entrance fee is required.
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Stone Carvers Road
Mandalay is full of craft businesses and many of them are still operating very traditionally. This unique place is along the Sagaing-Mandalay road where skilled stone craftsmen chip and polish slabs of marble into the most delicate Buddha statues of different sizes. And templates or sketches of any kind are used very rarely there. The whole area is full of white dust from the marble slab so bring your face mask along with you.
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The Jade Market (Mahar Aung Myay)
Burma under British colonial time was famous for three things; pagodas, teak and jade. Make no mistake Myanmar jade is the best in the world. This huge Jade Market in central Mandalay showcases perfectly why it is so. Dozens of vendors are selling their jade in various stages and grades of presentation. Not frequently visited by tourists, it generally serves as a local source of the product. As always, there were “mobile” vendors, with little gem boxes of ruby and emerald speciments, in the rough, cab and facet cut. There is no issue at all with failure to purchase their goodies. Entrance fee is less tha US$ 1.
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Zeigyo Central Market
It is the trade hub of Upper Myanmar, where you can get everything that is Burmese and other exports. The variety is mind-blogging, ranging from sections of clothes, spcies to modern electronics. And they are cheap too. If you need a sweater for cooler northern Myanmar or a summer wear for southern part, this is the one for shopping. Bring your camera. This place is full of photo taking opportunities.
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