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Ngapali Beach
It’s a place where you simply “switch off” and recharge your energy. This palm-lined, pristine beach is a place where you must visit in Myanmar. History says Ngapali’s been named by a homesick Italian reminiscing about Nepel beach. This is not your just- one-of-the-best beaches, but simply the best beach in Myanmar. And it has recently been named as one of new desirable beaches in the world by the Financial Times. Myanmar’s previous political situations made the beach less known to the world, but things are progressing quickly. Ngapali’s 3km long un-spoilt beauty can rival any South East Asia’s famous beaches including Phuket and Bali. But unlike them, Ngapali is free of noisy beachside bars, crowded people and hawkers.
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Pearl Island

Pearl Island

A magical excursion through calm blue seas to Pearl Island is unforgettable experience for visitor. It is a haven of coconut trees, white sand beaches and the feeling of remote tranquility that only a desert island can produce.
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Rakhine Traditional Wrestling Contest

Rakhine Traditional Wrestling Contest

Wrestling contest is the essence of Rakhine traditional festivals. It is a kind of sport event that one has to play with his strength and sporting prowess. On the other hand, it is a kind of wrestling in which a contestant has to wrestle his opponent to the floor using his might.
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